provides an online resource of China mutual funds that have a significant amount of their holdings in Chinese stocks. Investing in Chinese stocks and mutual funds. China has always been trying to make economic reforms over the past 30 years, for this very reasons the country has become the fastest growing world economy. The country being in an industrial revolution stage presents many opportunities for foreign direct investments, attracting almost half of its investors from large European and other emerging markets.

Most of China’s financial requirements have been satisfied by FDIs. Due to these heavy investments, the country has been able to raise its economic standards and has now become among the top the leading importer and exporter of goods.

China Stock Fund

These developments create a very conducive environment for investors to trade in China Stock Funds. Chinese mutual funds present a great opportunity for foreign investors to consolidate their resources. This provides a great opportunity for investors to gain mileage in the market penetration strategies in this great Chinese economy. The Chinese being one of the largest emerging markets can take full advantage of this foreign capital, and in turn puts a lot of emphasis on protecting interests of ant potential casual investors. It is easy to gain market recognition through this capital investment in the Chinese markets

China promises a very stable economy in the future, since it has major trading relations with the United States the The E. U. and Asia. These partnerships have made China to achieve technological advancements that have made the country to become independent in Most of the industries. Today China’s products have become recognized all over the world.

China being an emerging market all potential investors have to be wary of the risks associated with such markets. However, the market is very stable and has a promising future. The three main ways those investors can benefit from by investing in Chinese stocks. Investing in mutual funds, hedge funds and exchange-traded funds (EFTs)these modes of investment help investors benefit from this developing economy. This ways also provide some comfort to potential casual investors because of the flexible policies that protect investor funds from the various risks associated with emerging markets.

Potential casual investors require investment opportunities that provide flexibility and more variety in terms of investment options. Index mutual funds and Index EFTs provide this flexible investment options since investors will have an option of spreading investment risk, this is possible since investing in index EFTs and mutual funds enables investors to deal directly with organizations that have ownership rights in various emerging markets. Investors will have an option of investing in Asian stocks and spread the risk to other countries through variety of stock ownership. It is necessary to consider economic and political developments in these developing markets before making any commitments.
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China Stock Funds

China Stock Funds  Ticker Symbol  Fund Family  Phone Number
 Aberdeen China Opportunities A  CGCWX  Aberdeen
 Aberdeen China Opportunities C  GOPCX  Aberdeen
 Aberdeen China Opportunities I/S  GOPSX  Aberdeen
 Aberdeen China Opportunities Inst  GOPIX  Aberdeen
 Aberdeen China Opportunities R  GOPRX  Aberdeen
 AC One China Institutional  ACOIX  AC One
 AC One China Investor  ACOCX  AC One
 AllianzGI China Equity A  ALQAX  Allianz
 AllianzGI China Equity C  ALQCX  Allianz
 AllianzGI China Equity D  ALQDX  Allianz
 AllianzGI China Equity Institutional  ALQIX  Allianz
 AllianzGI China Equity P  ALQPX  Allianz
 Clough China A  CHNAX  ALPS
 Clough China C  CHNCX  ALPS
 Clough China I  CHNIX  ALPS
 Columbia Greater China A  NGCAX  Columbia
 Columbia Greater China B  NGCBX  Columbia
 Columbia Greater China C  NGCCX  Columbia
 Columbia Greater China I  CCINX  Columbia
 Columbia Greater China R4  CGCHX  Columbia
 Columbia Greater China R5  CGCRX  Columbia
 Columbia Greater China Z  LNGZX  Columbia
 Eaton Vance Greater China Growth A  EVCGX  Eaton Vance
 Eaton Vance Greater China Growth B  EMCGX  Eaton Vance
 Eaton Vance Greater China Growth C  ECCGX  Eaton Vance
 Eaton Vance Greater China Growth I  EICGX  Eaton Vance
 EP China A  EPHCX  Euro Pacific Asset Management
 Fidelity China Region A FHKAX Fidelity
 Fidelity China Region B  FHKBX  Fidelity
 Fidelity China Region C  FCHKX  Fidelity
 Fidelity China Region I  FHKIX  Fidelity
 Fidelity China Region T  FHKTX  Fidelity
 Fidelity China Region  FHKCX  Fidelity