Green-stock-fundGreen stocks are a new investment term also known as clean stocks that are rising in popularity among stock and shareholders. The term relates to investing in environmentally friendly companies so that you can make money while investing in a ‘clearer and greener’ earth. People invest in green stocks for a variety of reasons and many people have personal ones, but here are a few of the main reasons why people like investing in green stocks.
Green Stock Fund aims to create and/or align ourselves with, a mutual fund that serves investors that want to invest in green and environmentally positive stocks and mutual funds.

Green Stocks

Green and Sustainable Stocks Symbols
Appliance Recycling Center  Stock Symbol : ARCI        Darling                     Stock Symbol : DAR
Kadant                                   Stock Symbol : KAI          Liquidity Services     Stock Symbol : LQDT
Sims Group                           Stock Symbol : SMS        Trex Co                     Stock Symbol : TWP

Solar Energy Stocks      

Protecting the Environment – Probably the most important reason that people are interested in Green Stocks is because they aren’t hurting the environment. Green companies use clean technology and go out of their way to avoid damaging the ecological order of things with their products. Great examples include renewable energy, bio-energy, biological products and a great deal more.
Investing In the Future – By investing in green companies, you are supporting companies that work to protect the earth, and therefore investing in the future. In fact, supporting green companies means that you are giving them an edge over the ‘big, bad companies’ that don’t care about the environment. This ensures that these eco-friendly companies will be around in the future, meaning that you are in a small way, helping to protect the environment.

Cashing in On Necessity – The world is coming to a point where green technology is necessary. While it might not happen anytime in the next two to five years, the time when green tech becomes a way of life is slowly but steadily approaching. Investing now could get your foot in the door for companies that will one day replace the multi-billion dollar energy producers we rely on today.

As green tech becomes more useful in the economy and as more technology is invented for it, green stocks become more profitable. For example, anyone investing in First Solar in 2006 would have paid about $20 per share. Today, the same company FSLR now trades at about $113 per stock and has an average market value of 9.6 billion. If that’s not enough to convince you that investing in green stocks can be profitable, than nothing will.

Green stocks are like any investment, you must choose your investments and your portfolio additions carefully. Just because something is green doesn’t mean it will be a good investment, but you can always try if you think it will be profitable. Chances are you should always ask a professional if you don’t know what you are doing.