Internet-Stock-FundAn Internet stock fund is a fund that invests in shares of publicly traded internet companies.  Internet Stock Funds focus on companies operating in the Internet Sector. Internet Stock funds are different than bond funds or money market funds because the assets or holdings of the fund or mostly in equity positions and a small amount of cash. The goal for investors in internet stocks funds is often long-term growth through capital gains.  Dividends are also an incentive for investors yet still to this day, most internet companies do not pay dividends.

Internet Stock Fund aims to invest Internet Stocks & Mutual Funds consisting in equities of publicly and private companies involved in Internet Development & Ecommerce

Top Internet Stocks
Yahoo –  Stock Symbol: YHOO                                  Google – Stock Symbol: G
America Online – Stock Symbol: AOL                         Marchex – Stock Symbol: MCHX

Top Internet Mutual Funds
First Hand E-Commerce Fund      888-884-2675       ICON Information Technology Fund    800-764-0442
Jacob Internet Fund    888-522-6239                         Munder Internet Fund    800-438-5789