The UAE stock exchange is one of the significant stock exchanges of the United Arab Emirate because of the business potentiality of this region. It was formerly known as Abu Dhabi Securities Market (ADSM). It came in existence 15 November, 2000. Unlike the other stock markets in the world The UAE stock market formed with three separate and equally regulated exchanges. The Dubai Financial market (To execute financial transactions and instrument buy sell), Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange (Trading of the shares of listed companies of UAE) and Dubai gold and commodity market. The whole three financial warehouses consist of 140 listed companies of Dubai and encompass a market capitalization of 540.03 billion USD. The whole three financial centers are being regulated by Emirates Securities and commodity warehouses.

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Abu Dhabi stock Exchange comprises of 64 companies from four different sectors with a market capitalization of USD 1.79 trillion. This large market comprises of greater UAE’s business functions in the following sectors –

  • Investment & Financial Service.
  • Bank.
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate & Construction.
  • Services.
  • Telecommunication.
  • Consumer Staples.
  • Industrial.
  • Transportation.

This stock market is a perfectly regulated one unless some plunges over the time which is a usual manner of a stock market. In 2006 this market went down by more than 30% in the first 6 months. The Stock Exchange regulator allows investments by foreign residents besides by the participation of the locals as because Abu Dhabi has became the major attractions for the foreigners to invest directly or through portfolio. The non-residents peoples of Abu Dhabi also get preferences over investing in this market. More than 50% of the listed companies ae thus open for any foreign investor without any restriction or quotas but few companies are only for the Arab nationals and GCC’s.

Daily trading activity is usually measured in the 100s of millions of dirhams by traded value, somewhat less than the activity seen on the DFM, although when there’s a surge of interest, daily traded value will increase to AED 1-2 billion. To start investing in UAE stock exchange one need to go through regulatory steps like obtaining an investor card from Abu Dhabi Stock markets
The most actively traded stocks in UAE stock exchange has been listed below:

  • Aabar Petroleum (AABAR)
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. (ADCB)
  • Emirates food stuff. (ADIB).
  • Aldar Properties. (AGTHIA)
  • Arkan Building materials. (ALDAR)
  • Abu Dhabi Building materials. (ARKAN)
  • Bank of Sharjah. (BILDCO)
  • Dana Gas. (DANA)
  • Emirates telecommunication. (ETISALAT)
  • First Gulf Bank. (FGB).
  • Foodco Holding. (FOODCO)
  • Gulf cement. ( GCEM)
  • Gulf Pharmaceuticals. (Julphar).
  • Methaq Insurance. (METHAQ)


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